How much does a move cost?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by movers. Cost of a move depends upon various different factors, such as the amount of stuff to be moved, man power required and the weight of the luggage or furniture to be moved. Local NYC move within the vicinity of 30 miles, is usually less than $ 500.00 if it is one person’s belonging we are moving. To get a firm estimate, get in touch with one of our moving experts or fill out the estimate form here.

Can I save money by avoiding full-service NYC mover?

Nobody wants to pay extra for something they can accomplish themselves. When you decide to move from your apartment or house, it always sounds logical and budget friendly to move by yourself. However making a move by your self is not as easy as it sounds. Hiring professional NYC Movers sound costly but this might be the best option to go with. If you move by yourself, you are responsible for arranging a moving truck, which can get very costly in NY. Tolls, gas, packing materials, lodging and other expenses total up to cost you more than what you would be charged by a local NYC mover. You might be able to bring the cost of self-move equal to the cost a professional NYC mover will charge you but this way you will end up wasting your time doing things you can avoid by hiring a professional moving company.
If you hire a professional NYC mover, it will save you time, stress, hassle and your move will be simplified and effortless. Moving companies have trained professional movers who are experienced and capable to make a move fast and efficient. Last thing you want to do is carry your expensive assets and load, unload them to the truck and drop off location. In case of professional moving companies, you don’t have to worry about the damages, since the moving companies provide insurance for your goods. With professional movers, disassembly and assembly of your precious furniture is done in no time and it becomes very easy to move. If you self-move, you have to bear the damages yourself, in case of professional moving company; you totally relax and let moving company handle your luggage.

What are other advantages of hiring a full-service professional NYC mover?

Stress free moving is one of the main advantages of hiring full service professional NYC movers. Moving companies offer you complete packing materials, to pack up all your belongings. Physical exertion is out of question in case of a professional company handling your move. With stress and efforts delegated to professional movers, you can focus on organizing and setting up your new place.

What are the different types of boxes available for packing?

After hiring affordable movers in New York, next step is the packing. Moving boxes are always recommended for packing your stuff. We have all the different types of boxes required for packing. BOOK BOX Size: 17"x12.5"x12.5", LINEN BOX (Small) size: 18"x16"x18”, LINEN BOX (Large) size: 24"x18"x18", CHINA BOX size: 18"x18"x28", PICTURE BOX (Small) size: 36”x3”x36", PICTURE BOX (Large) size: 40"x3"x36", WARDROBE BOX, size: 23"x24"x47"

Are my belongings insured while they are being moved?

You can procure an insurance policy for your goods when it is being moved. Great Movers provide insurance for all our residential or commercial moving customers.  

Do you offer storage services?

Sometimes you are not quite ready to move all the stuff in to your apartment or home, Great Movers provides storage service as well in case you wish to put some stuff in storage for some time before you can figure out the extra space you require in your new place. Great Movers representative will guide you through the whole storage procedure and terms and conditions so you can decide for yourself.

When am I suppose to pay for the move?

Great Movers offer easy terms for the payments. You can pay during the move, or after the move. We are a flexible NYC moving company and we work with you on the terms you wish to set for your move. All you have to do is, let us know your comfort zone and we work out things the way you want.

What does the travel time means?

Travel time is the time the truck is on road driving. Generally the travel time is the distance from pick up location to drop off location. If you are looking to move within 10 miles of locality, then you are looking at roughly half an hour of travel time.

Do you charge extra for dis-assembly/assembly of my furniture?

Absolutely not! There is no charge for dismantling your furniture. Say if you have a queen size bed, or a piano, we will disassemble it for you and assemble it at the drop of location.

How much time will your team take to move one or two bed room apartment in NYC?

Before we answer this question for you, we will need to know the list of belongings you have. We need to be sure about the stuff we are moving so we know how much time it might take. Generally a one bed room apartment for one person takes minimum 2 to 2.5 hours to move. Travel time within ten miles is around half an hour. So all together it might take 3 hours to move your one bed room apartment from one place to the other./p>

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